Gypsy Time Travelers

Gypsy Time Travelers


Christy has been learning to make videos - Here are a few of her latest videos from their winter adventures! our favorite Gonzo Journalists did a blog spot on us! know for it's incredible documentary - journalism 

did a fun little piece on Gypsy Time Travelers - Thanks Vice we love you - Hunter S. would be proud of you!


2014 Happy New Year and other News

2014 King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley is the hardest Ultra 4 race in the US.  A week of incredible rock crawling rigs and builders galore!  Tinetine Gray took this photo of our camp I dont thin she used a filter but wow isn't the color great.    Check out our Calendar Page we have new shows posted.

December 7 Downtown Vallejo - Don't be late for the Mad Hatter Holiday Parade


November News

Dia de Los Muertos in Murphys CA - One of our favorite holidays and Murphys had over 70 Alters set up through the town  Lets us give thanks for those who have gone before us and plan the upcoming year - This is Jill's Alter at Sierra Nevada Adventure Company Murphys, CA Main Street

Amargosa Opera House at Death Valley Junction will be hosting Christy's One Woman Show December 20th 2013 thru January 5, 2014 at 4pm Tickets are available at the Amargosa Hotel Front Desk and are $7   Visit the Amargosa Cafe for Pie before the show and stay for Dinner after the show! Special thanks to Marta Becket for making the show happen - she is one of Christy's "SHeros"

Don Juan the monkey came to visit us - you never know who might stop by!  Las Vegas 2013

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