Gypsy Time Travelers

Gypsy Time Travelers


2013 Season Highlights

One of the many Wow moments of our Year - Base Jumping off the Twin Falls Idaho Bridge 


We enjoyed being back at Sunset Park for the Las Vegas Age of Chivalry Fair.  We liked our new spot near the South Gate and the huge covered picnic area that served as our seating - Awesome!!!! Thanks again Clark County Park and Recreation Department for putting on a fantastic event



BUFFALO Have right of way in Yellowstone - this is the view through Florence's windshield.  They are Giant and smelly and noisy we were there during the rut - Buffalo love was all around us!


Kristen Johnson - Lady Houdini - and her husband Kevin Ridgeway - Living Illusions performed with us at the Western Idaho Expo, in Boise ID.  They are two of our best friends and we get to overlap in incredible places like Boise! Kristen is suspended from Florence's Arm Crane - yes, that is a straight jacket!  She can get out of it and pick a lock in no time.  


Kristen is the only person in the world who does the Houdini Water Torture Cell in full view to the public  Holding her breath for more than 3 minutes while she picks the locks binding and imprisoning her!  She is incredible! Check them out on Face Book if they are performing at a show near you they are worth double the admission!


Doris MacLaren made this incredible Quilt for us and presented her Artistic rendering of FLORENCE in Fabric to us at the Ventura County Fair.  Michel calls it our "blanket of love"  - Thank you Doris it went right upstairs and on the bed like you wanted.  A quilt is meant to be used - to quote the maker.  One of the best gifts ever!


2013 Vegas - Sunset Park - Wicked TInkers come to visit Gypsy TIme Travelers  - Their music is like caffeine on CD! Thank you Handsome Lads in Plaid.  



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