Gypsy Time Travelers

Gypsy Time Travelers


A Great Time @ Pacific Dream Machines

Gypsy Happenings:

Pacific Dream Machines was allot of fun in Half Moon Bay.  Wild Bill stopped by so Michel could use his hot dog heat source and cook a horseshoe.   Burnt all the hair off of his arms while he was at it!  We met Mike Leeds of Blastoline Fame - That was a highlight of the show for us!  

Mother's Day Weekend we will be at Calico Ghost Town, then May 16-19 Salinas King CIty Fair.

We have an exciting Season Booking - including a return to Western Idaho Expo and shows in Colorado and Oregon for the first time.  Check out our calendar page and come visit us at a show if you can.



Gypsy Creations:   Christy has been painting all winter.  She created two new hand painted banners
This one with their "Tag Line" Fabulous Storytelling....Another with We Make History Ring in Your Ears. 
See you out there!

Gypsy Philosophy:  Michel has created more than two miles of "Labyrinth Trail" on our property.  We walk the trail almost every day that we are at home.  Here is a magical little spot on the Trail. "Got to Keep Moving, got to resist gravity"  


Gypsy Happenings:

Michel on his High Wheel by Florence @ Bakersfield Scottish Games 2013.  Thanks Kern Scots we had a great time!

Check out our Calendar and Contact Page to see where we will be performing

Next month April 2013 we will be at the Pacific Dream Machines @ Half Moon Bay Air Port we are very excited about this show so come see us if you can. 


Gypsy Creations - Christy has been practicing with the video recorder and with a movie making program she made this video on how to make hula hoops for all our hoop friends and wannabe hoop friends out there. 



Gypsy Philosophy : Darwin is an artistic onclave on the outskirts of Death Valley.  "Jimmy" one of the residents uses broken bottes to make these bottle trees all out of "indigenous" materials.   Art can be where we find it - Thanks Jimmy.  

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